National Vice Commander Updates

Paul Espinoza

American Legion National Headquarters

Report To The National Executive Committee Oct. 13, 2016
American Legion National Headquarters Indianapolis Indiana
National Vice Commander Paul Espinoza:

Its been an Honor to serve the last 6 weeks has the National Vice Commander of the Western Region. Also am looking forward to the next 10 and half months of services has the NVC.

I have not only been busy on the phones and emails everyday with either the Departments or National. But also been active at American Legion events at Department of New Mexico on my down time. Also thus far did One Department visit to Alaska where I was able to see how there fall workshop was very well put together and learning that all there members work very well together to make the American Legion a great success, and finding out that the Department of Alaska has the most Veterans per Capita. Also to see some of there own post within the Department where you need a passport to get there. Some of there programs are either done in the dark in the middle of the day or at 12 midnight in the daylight. They work very close with the VA for veterans and there Crisis line.

I will be attending about 11 other departments in the near future so far, some of them twice.

I am hoping to accomplish during my year of stewardship is to reach out to every department in my western region and contact the Department Commander, Adjutant, Memberships Chairmen, by phone or email at least once a month if not more to let them know that NVC and national is around and in support to assist them with membership, programs or anything else they may need. I will be also asking them to assist the National Commander and NVC to please try and reach out to your neighboring States by visiting or phone or email your surrounding Departments and see how they may assist each other to make there Department run smooth. Us NVCs are here to assist our National Commander Charles Schmidt and representing him on our visits or events wherever it may be and do our very best in Carrying this Legacy Forward. I will make every effort possible to push every Department to make our goal a reality this year. We has the NVCs do not only want to let our forefathers down. But to make our National Commander, NECs, and our largest Veterans Service Organization in the world our American Legion, and proud to say that we will reach our goal and strive for more when the year is up. American Legion will be around forever for our Veterans and families.

God Bless the American Legion and our United States of America.

Thank You,

Your National Vice Commander Paul L Espinoza

Western Region National Vice Commander Paul Espinoza:
Activities Report for the month of September 2016:

September 1, 2016: Elected Western National Vice Commander of the American Legion

Attended Post Convention N.E.C. Meeting in Cincinnati Ohio.

September 9, 2016: Reached out to all 15 Departments to speak with the Leadership From Commanders, Adjutants, NECs, Membership Chairmen. Or left a message.

September 13, 2016: Attended Veterans Day at New Mexico State Fair for a Membership drive for Department.

September 17, 2016: Attended District 3 Conference in Socorro New Mexico Post 47.

September 19, 2016: Reached out and called Department of Idaho District 2 Commander Virginia Cash and Post Commander Walt Lindsey To congratulate and welcome them on their worthy efforts they achieved on there commendable milestone on there New Post for the Department of Idaho. Awesome job!!!

September 23, 2016: Sent out mail outs to all 15 Department Commanders about Introduction of myself NVC. And expectations for the next fiscal Year.

September 30, thru October 3, 2016: Visit Department of Alaska ( Palmer Alaska) for the Fall Workshop Alaska Report at American Legion Post 36 Palmer Alaska. Heard remarks from all Chairmen from Baseball, Oratorical, Boy Scouts, Membership, American Legion Centennial, Children and Youth, V.A. & R, and from Department Adjutant. Also I NVC. Gave remarks from the National Commander and Spoke on Membership, and all the four pillars of the American Legion, plus events going on today revolving around the American Legion. Also found out that the Department of Alaska has the most Veterans per capita. The workshop was very well put together and all the members work very hard to make the American Legion a big Success for there Department.